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Brazil Flood relief update – Camila Guerra

Hi Friends, Although things have started to get back to the routine, other problems are coming up now. In Teresópolis and São José a bunch of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease cases are spreading. A friend of my family, a mason, is in Rio de Janeiro now being […]

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Brazil floods – Visit to the affected area – Camila Guerra

Marcos and I went to São José yesterday again. Things seem a little better, the city is cleaner now, a lot of machines are working there to rebuild the bridges and to clear up the ways.  They say they have enough clothes for the time being. Donations […]

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Brazil floods – Our work has begun

When the floods hit the area around Jan 12, 2011, initially we were greatly concerned about our project site and friends in Petropolis. These floods are some of the largest that ever hit Brasil, and consider by some to be the largest natural disaster in Brasil. Fortunately […]

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