Human Dignity, through opportunities in education

Our Partners

We are pleased to be working with the following international as well as grass-root level non-profit organizations. We deeply appreciate the dedication and hard work of the people involved in running these organizations and projects. We look forward to strengthening Voice Of a Child’s relationship with these organizations over time. We strongly believe that, by working together, we will be able to make meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Scroll down below or click on the name of the organizations to read a bit about these organizations as well as our working relationship with them.


  2. Centro De Yoga, Petropolis, Brazil

  3. Fraternity, Petropolis, Brazil

  4. Neo-Humanistic Education and Charitable Trust, Kerala, India

  5. Vanavasi Ashram Trust, Kerala, India


    • AMURT, USA
      Website:www.amurt.netAMURT logoAmurt is one of the few private international voluntary organizations founded in India. Founded in 1965, AMURT’s original objective was to help meet the needs of the affected population after disasters that regularly hit the Indian sub-continent. Over the years AMURT has established teams in thirty-four countries, to create a network that can meet disaster and development needs
      almost anywhere in the world.Our objective in working with AMURT is to build upon our past contacts and experience and to participate and make difference in the services to all people in the world arena. We are a spin off from the AMURT organization, and aim to specialize our services for the families with children and to focus our work in specific geographic locations namely: San Francisco bay area, Brazil and South India.


    • Centro De Yoga, Petropolis, Brazil
      Centro De Yoga is a community service organization established in early 1990. Our President and Vice-president are co-founders of this organization. We direct our service work and local project developments in Brazil through this organization. We developed a preschool and a basic computer education school for the young adults. We are also involved in the relief and rehabilitation work of the people affected by the floods that happend in January 2011 in the areas surrounding Petropolis, Brazil.


    • Fraternity, Petropolis, Brazil
      Our objectives in working with Fraternity are:
      1. Disaster relief work for the victims of natural disasters.
      2. Efforts to promote cultural understanding among diverse populations through the principles of Yoga.


    • Neo-Humanist Education and Charitable Trust, Kerala, South India
      Our Secretary and Treasurer are among the founding members of this trust. One of the important goals of the trust is to make holistic education available to the children from all sections of the society regardless of their economic status. With that goal in mind, we started EverGreen Elementary School in 2005. The project continues to flourish under the dedication and hard work of Mr. V.K.Velayudhan, who is also the director of the school. Currently, we have 85 children from Lower Kindergarten to 4th grade programs in our school (4 to 9 year olds). The school has been well
      accepted by the local community and is known for the well rounded education that we offer at our school. We are constantly looking at ways for improving the quality of education as well as other expansion opportunities.


    • Vanavasi Ashram Trust, Kerala, India
      Website:www.vanavasiashrumtrust.orgOur objective in working with Vanavasi Ashram Trust is to support the education and health services of disadvantaged people of ancient tribes in Kerala, South India. This trust was established in 1995 by Dr. Appanu Nambiar, a retired professor from Calicut University, and has been running a fully residential school in the remote forests of Wayanad, Kerala for over 15 years. VOC has funded this project several times in the past and is constantly working with the organization in planning and supporting their future growth.