Human Dignity, through opportunities in education

Our Board

Our management team is composed of VOC Board and Executive team. The VOC Board’s primary function is to define and oversee the policies, to make certain that they are consistent with our objectives and philosophy. The Executive team, which also includes the VOC Board members is the operational management team for the Projects. The team consists of Project Coordinator that functions at the VOC corporate level, and Project Director, that functions in the “field” at the Project.


Our Board


Kirit Dave, Chairman

kirit imageKirit Dave’ has over 30 years of experience in initiating, organizing, developing and implementing self reliance of the community service projects. Besides USA, he has also worked in various countries in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Burkina Faso), South America (Brazil, Venezuela), Germany, Asia (Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, and Bangladesh), Jamaica, Mexico and Guatemala. He served as the DAT team member with American Red Cross in Palo Alto for 6 years, and participated in many disaster relief activities to assist victims. In SF Bay area, he initiated a preschool in Palo Alto, operated food distribution for homeless people for 7 years in San Jose. He conducted various fund raiser events for global and local natural disasters. His work in Ethiopia to organize feeding thousands of people on the verge of starvation received major media coverage and praises from the community.

His recent projects include opening of a free medical clinic in Gujarat India, (2003), building of a Tsunami relief Memorial, a community center in Tamil Nadu, India (2005), organizing a major fund raiser at Washington University (2005), a preschool in Petropolis, Brazil (2002), and initiation of a trade school offering English and Computer education, also in Brazil (2009).

He has taught meditation, Eastern Philosophy and music for over 20 years. He also mentors aspiring philanthropists on how to organize community service projects. He provides individual spiritual guidance, as well as regular classes on how to develop and manage lifelong spiritual pursuits. He has offered his community services free of charge for 30 years to all people.

Professionally, Kirit is a computer hardware and software designer and a real estate investor. He has worked for many major Silicon Valley companies like AMD and Fujitsu for over 30 years.

Saril Valiyaparambil, President

saril image Saril holds BS in Electrical Engineering and has many original product designs to his credit. He currently works as Senior Design Engineer at Synopsys, Inc., a leading hi-tech company in Silicon Valley. He has worked for other hi-tech companies like ST Microelectronics and Virage Logic Corporation in the past.

Saril managed Public Relation work for a branch of the major disaster relief organization, AMURT. Besides managing funds and accounts, he directed vital communication efforts during disaster relief operation, between relief teams and public / donors. He also coordinated joint efforts with other charitable organizations and thereby conducted efficient disaster relief support. He also provides technological support to the work by doing web design and email campaigns for the fund raisers. He has also supervised execution of the overall project and implemented major fund raisers for earthquakes in South America, in Gujarat, India, in Haiti, hurricanes in SE India, and floods in Central America.

Besides fund raisers and program co-ordination, Saril also initiated the opening of a pre-school in Kerala, India in 2006. The school has received much appreciation and support from local community and has expanded into a primary school over the last 5 years.

Saril is also a teacher of yoga and meditation and has taught over 300 students free of charge. He believes that meditation has nurtured his inner compassion and inspired a desire to serve others.

Shubhavajra Abdull Sulltan, Vice President

saril image Shubhavajra Abdull Sulltan, born in 1972 comes from the legendary family of musicians from Punjab Gharana, India. The family generations have been entertaining people with their musical talents, starting with Baba Mallang Khan, his son Ustad Iqbal Mohammad, and his son Abdull Sulltan.

Abdull began his music training at the age of three. He studied the academic and the practical sides of music during his entire upbringing, mastering dozens of instruments and musical styles. He earned the M.A. in music from Pracheen Kala Kendar University in Chandigarh, India. He received his practical training in music from the maestros Gurdeep Singh Sandhu, Pt. Ramakant, Pt. Swapan Choudhry, Ustad Zakir Hussain and Ustad Alia Rakha Khan JI. He started performing in India beginning at the age of 6 and continued through his young age.

In Mumbai, he operated and produced for Association of Motion Picture and Tv Programs before moving to USA in 1997. He spent over three years in Hollywood developing his skills as a recording sequencer. He is a noted Composer, orchestral conductor and has written and recorded music in many languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish, English and Farsi.

He established Mystic Sound in California, USA, to produce his own music as well as the music of other musicians. He also started teaching tabla and voice to aspiring music students.

Throughout his career, he has centered his focus mainly on the tabla, which has become his specialty, and what he is best known for today. However he was also trained in vocal music by his father and also by Ustad Guizar Mohammad, a maestro of Indian classical vocal music. He has performed for audiences of all sizes and cultures around the world and received many commendations.

Aside from his musical endeavors, he also owned, managed and operated various retail businesses in California.

He is the President of USA branch of Tarique Hussain Foundation and Chairman of Vishva Sufi Sant Samaj. Both of these organizations are dedicated to the World Peace Movement efforts and to assist and promote the welfare of indigent peoples of the world. At present he dedicates much of his resources to the philanthropic work around the world.

“Shubhavajra”, is a designation representing the application of spiritual force, for the wellbeing of entire creation. Lord Shiva selectively employed his weapon “Vajra”, to destroy the injustice in the society.

Mele Fernandez, Secretary

 Mele Fernandez is a Registered Dietitian and graduate student at the University of Hawai’i. She will be obtaining her MS in Nutrition Sciences in June 2011.

Mele has been involved in organizing and implementing community service projects for over 25 years in South America and the USA. She lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for 10 years actively involved in programs promoting yoga lifestyle and community well-being. She is currently a board member of a non-profit, social service organization located in Petropolis, Brazil and has organized community programs there including meditation and yoga workshops, food collection and distribution programs (1990), a preschool for children of financially disadvantaged families (2002) and a computer training school (2008). In Hawai’i, USA her community work has focused on nutrition education in elementary schools, and promoting sustainable and vegetarian food service options at the University of Hawai’i (UH) as the co-chair of  the UH Campus Food Alliance.

Shubhada Pugaonkar

shubhada image Shubhada holds M.S. in Computer Engineering and works as Software Engineer in Emulex Corporation, a leading Silicon Valley Storage Networking company.

Shubhada has been involved with community service activities for 6 years. She acted as the director of internal communication for a major fund raiser event during Asian Tsunami disaster.

Shubhada also studied paralegal courses to enable her to conduct non-profit corporation activities. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation since she was a child and now teaches Yoga classes for beginners.

Besides fund raising for the Asian Tsunami, her recent project includes planning support for the children’s school for the indigent population in Kerala, India. All her community service activities have been free of charge.

Lina Wang

Lina image Lina Wang is an accountant specializing in Audits. She holds B.A. in Business English (China) and M.S. in Accountancy from San Jose State University. She currently works as an Accountant at NanoSolar, Inc. and has worked in the past for KPMG, a leading Accounting and Audit firm.

Lina also has substantial experience in managing a career development and planning company. She organized and hosted major international corporate conferences. Her clients included Yahoo, SAP, Nokia and other Chinese firms.

She has studied Counseling Psychology.  Her recent work includes providing emotional assistance and guidance to young high school students in troubled situations such as pregnancies, academic difficulties and family frictions.

She also acts as a Director on the Board of other 501(c)(3) organizations.

She teaches Yoga and Tai Chi.