Human Dignity, through opportunities in education

Who we are

Voice Of a Child (VOC) is a public service 501(C)(3) charity organization incorporated in California, USA. The present Board of Directors, has extensive global experience working together as a team, and has engaged in various philanthropic activities worldwide for over 10 years. Some of the recent disaster relief activities include fundraising for Asian Tsunami, Gujarat (India) Earthquake and South America, floods in Central America and similar disasters prior to these.

Within last few years we have worked with local community leaders to open a children’s school for indigent population in Kerala, South India. Currently, the school is assisting 85 children, age group from 3 to 9 years.

In 2002, we assisted in initiating a preschool in Petropolis, Brazil for needy population. The school now supports about 70 children.

In 2006, we started planning Computer and Language academy in Petropolis, Brazil. We opened the school in March 2009.

We also participate in conjunction with other organizations in projects such as the ‘Compassionate Heart Cycle’ program run by The Council of Goodness in San Francisco bay area and Free Medical Clinic in Ahmedabad, India run by AMURT. We also consult with volunteers to initiate and plan philanthropic activities on a sound platform.

VOC strongly endorses principles of One-Humanity. We believe that future of all people of our planet is closely linked and therefore we should strive to raise standard of living of all people without considerations of race, caste, religion or personal beliefs. Our work reflects initiating and enabling philanthropic activities that support, build and regenerate progressive values in society.

With our international activities, we believe that we can bring true growth and sustainable progressive values around the world, and create a better world for our children.