Human Dignity, through opportunities in education

ITA – Computer School, Brazil

In 2002, VOC worked with a Brazilian non-profit organization, Centro De Yoga, to start a preschool for needy population. The school now supports about 70 children. In 2006, in cooperation with Centro De Yoga, we started planning Computer and Language Academy in Petropolis, Brazil. The school was opened in March’2009. Centro De Yoga has been in existence since 1988 and promotes various social service programs for the community.

Petropolis is a small but a developing town. It has a great need for people with computer skills. Our computer school will not only provide technical education, but will also offer career guidance to the youths of the families, who are otherwise unable to achieve social and economic independence on their own. The school will also involve community into the cycle of helping one another. The graduates of our school will be asked to come back to provide teaching or other forms of assistance for the next batch of students. The concept of the school has been much welcomed by the local community and the Mayor of Petropolis. We have built a well founded support structure in the small business community, who need the graduates of our program.

ITA - Students