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EverGreen School, India

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Voice Of a Child in association with Neo-Humanist Education Charitable Trust started this school in 2006. The school is located in a quiet neighborhood called Vengali about 5 KM from the heart of Kozhikode city in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. The school aims to impart ‘true holistic education’ at an affordable cost to the children of lower income families. We feel that children are our most precious resource and that by providing them with a holistic base for life we can help bring about a bright, more enlightened future. The school started with 18 children in its Lower Kindergarten Program (4 year olds) in the first year. We currently have 115 children from Pre-School to 4th grade.






  • Guide the students towards mastering academic subjects
  • Build strong moral foundation in children. This includes developing love, care and respect for all beings in the universe.
  • Develop spiritual values by helping them realize the oneness of life and the inter-connectedness of all beings
  • Hands-on learning through extensive use of activity materials
  • Cultivate creativity, language and arts skills
  • Develop love and care for the environment
  • Build leadership skills
  • Staff, parents and the local community come together to address social issues relevant to the community


  • The school grew from 18 to 115 children in 7 years. We have 12 full time staff now.
  • School is operationally self-sufficient
  • First batch of 4th graders graduated from the school in March-2012. All of them were accepted in area schools of high repute very easily.
  • Several high rank holders in the Holy Faith National Scholarship exam conducted every year
  • Started the highly successful pre-school program for kids aged between 2 ½ to 4 years
  • Started ‘Prabhat Music School’ for developing music, dance and art talent among the children from the local community
  • Integration of ‘Circle of Love’ teaching methods into regular academic curriculum is ongoing
  • Good quality age-appropriate outdoor play materials available to all children
  • Extensive use of hands-on activity materials in the classrooms
  • Yoga, Meditation, Music and Dance are part of the curriculum
  • The ever-popular field trips and annual cultural shows are conducted every year
  • Regular teacher training programs



Currently we are operating in two residential buildings that were renovated to work as school. As a result, the classrooms and the playground are small in size. The school has become quite popular among the local community and has reached the maximum capacity that it can handle. Due to lack of space in our buildings, we have to now turn-away parents who are coming for admission . We are actively working on our long-term plans which include purchase of a larger land in the vicinity and the construction of a new school building.

We strongly believe that we are continuing to make a huge difference in the lives of the children who are attending our school – majority of whom are from low income families. It is our wish to offer our services to a larger group of children. We hope that you will join our hands in making this a reality.

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Kerala is well known for its lush greenery, zillions of coconut trees, high rate of literacy and development indexes matching the developed countries. There is no lack of schools in Kerala (in general). In fact the education is becoming, if not already become, a commodity in Kerala. Anxious to give their children a leg up on the competition for success in school, college and life, many parents put pressure on nursery schools to teach children to read, memorize, do formal arithmetic and play games designed to reinforce these skills. The commercialization of education has shot up the costs so high that common people find it very hard to afford it. Schools that impart high-quality, holistic education at a reasonable cost is a rarity. This is the space that Evergreen school aims to fit in. The village like atmosphere that is present in the area is well suited for the educational, as well as playful atmosphere that we have created in the school.

At Evergreen, we strive to awaken in the children a joy of learning and a thirst for knowledge that will remain with them all their lives. While working with the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus, we provide varied activities that allow for self-directed learning. Imaginative play, games and stories enhance instruction and nurtures motivation and concentration. Yoga exercises & sports encourage a healthy and coordinated body. Music, arts, dance and drama provide scope for Evergreen children to discover their expressive skills and a deep appreciation of the arts.

Through gardening, nature studies and care for animals, a true ecological consciousness is awakened in the children who come to feel themselves as part of Nature. At Evergreen, the children practice a simple form of meditation. Feeling love within each day develops a direct experience of the inner self and a feeling of oneness with others and the world around. Evergreen’s unique curriculum imparts character building values – integrity, moral courage, self-confidence, self-reliance and a spirit of service.

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