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Computer literacy project, Philippines



Computer literacy opportunity for inmates Las Piñas City Jail, Philippines

The Las Piñas City Jail currently conducts an “Alternative Learning System” (ALS) program for inmates providing then with the opportunity to complete their high school education while serving a sentence. In coordination with the Department of Education, vocational courses along with Science, Math and English subjects are taught. After a specific period, candidates are encouraged to take qualifying examinations conducted by the Dept. of Education. Inmates who pass are awarded diplomas as “high school graduates”.

Part of this education program included an “E-Learning” module where inmates are taught basic computer skills. However, the program did not have a single computer. Due to the lack of equipment, only few candidates were successful in passing the exam. In the most recent batch of students only 3 of 21 candidates were successful.






In May 2012 Voice of a Child donated funds for Amurt Phillipines to purchase a complete computer with desk and chair with the goal of improving the number of inmate students awarded the equivalence of a high school diploma.

In July 2012 Amurt Philippines reported that the computer set donated by VOC has been used to instruct student inmates on e-mail communication and word processing applications.  They have been taught how to create email address and to correspond using this medium allowing them to keep in touch with the outside world.  Typing tutorial applications have also been installed and used to improve students typing skills.  Some students have become sufficiently proficient to now assist the jail staff in secretarial work. As the program develops, additional computers would enhance the development of advanced computer skills.



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