Human Dignity, through opportunities in education


Voice Of  a Child supports various service projects internationally. 

In considering a project, besides our own resources, we look at over all well being of a child in his or her natural settings i.e. the natural family. Therefore, we strive to support and educate the family as a whole, and view ourselves as catalysts for the security of the family-unit where the child is an integral part.  

We try to plan self-sufficiency of the project from its very inception. We think that the project should ultimately be operated by the local people and under the leadership of the beneficiary population. We see our role as the catalysts and initiators. Therefore we assist local people with the training to manage the project along with the necessary capital. We work with the local leaders until the project achieves stability of operation and achieves a clear vision of survival. In the process, we create a self supporting business unit, composed of local population. These people have inherent interest in making the project work for themselves and for their community. When the project reaches a degree of maturity, both financially and in management skills, we exit the project with recommendations for the future and the request that the project adopt a formal goal of community service akin to a Non-Profit Organization.