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Nigeria Maternal Health Service project – 6-month report from AMURT-Africa

We received the 6-month report from AMURT-Africa, our partner organization that is running the Maternal and Child Health Services project in Ebonyi State in Nigeria. Voice Of a Child had funded the purchase of a new ambulance in 2012. Full report in pdf format can be accessed by clicking here.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

– Maternal Deaths: 2011 – 23, 2012 – 6, 2013 (until June) – 0

– In 36 birth related emergency referrals in Jan-Jun 2013, no mothers have been lost.

– The subsidized ambulance service has saved many lives.

– The high attendance of mothers for ante-natal care at the health centres is a result of the home visit program. Each ante-natal day is attended by a doctor who also conducts ultrasound scan to detect danger signs.

– It is absolutely essential for the health centres to have birth attendants on duty round the clock every day of the year. The high number of deliveries is a proof that the mothers have confidence that the health workers will always be there to help them.

– The UNICEF designed home visit program is at the heart of AMURTs strategy. It is a direct personal link between the health centre and the mothers and creates confidence in the health centre. Danger signs in mothers and newborns are detected for timely referral.

– Rapid Diagnostic Test for malaria is now used in all the health centres. Malaria is the biggest killer of children in the area. The health centres manage severe malaria, but refer cases with anemia for transfusion

– In partnership with CCCRN, we now have routine testing of all pregnant women.


Plans for Jul-Dec 2013

– Create joint roadmap towards sustainability of health centers with government
– Open new project area with outreach activities leading towards establishment of new health centers
– Construction of staff quarters at Elugwu Ettam and Odeligbo Health Centers
– Construction of additional block at Offia Oji Health Center
– Establish laboratories in the health centers
– New phase of WASH and Boreholes

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