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Ambulance purchase completed – Nigeria

We are very happy to inform that we were able to meet our target and have the ambulance installed at the project site by the end of May. The brand new Nissan Urvan Ambulance was installed at the Offia Oji Health Center on 31st May 2012, and has started providing lifesaving support to several communities in rural Nigeria.

The ambulance is really well equipped with oxygen and other lifesaving facilities and AMURT’s medical director was highly satisfied with it. The local communities were almost in disbelief to see a new ambulance based in their village. It will be available 24 hours for emergency transport of patients from three health centers in the area. Mostly the ambulance will carry patients to the Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki, a journey of about one and a half hour, for life saving surgery, blood transfusion or specialist care.

A few photos taken on 31st afternoon at Offia Oji can be seen in this post. The photos show some of the staff at Offia Oji health center, along with some pregnant women who were at the health center at the time. The gentleman inside the back of the ambulance is Dr. Fatoba, the medical director of AMURT in Nigeria.

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